The 5 Best Penhold Paddle 2020 Reviews & Guide

During a game of ping pong or table tennis, a number of factors affect your performance to a great extent. One of these factors which are about the most important is the type of penhold paddle. Making use of one of the best penhold paddles available on the market helps your grip and then consequently, your performance.

In order to perform even better, you would need to get a paddle type that is best suited to the way you play. If you fail to do this, this would affect your performance greatly. Therefore, the next question is what is the best penhold ping pong paddle and this is exactly what this article aims to answer.

1. DHS 6006 New Series Superstar Table Tennis Racket Penhold: Best of best

The DHS New Series Racket has a very comprehensive and well-structured construction which makes it suitable for use by a range of players. Thanks to this feature, this bat can stand up to a number of professional paddles when it boils down to quality and performance. This ping pong paddle comes at a very affordable cost and is great for a beginner and other players aspiring to become professionals.

One great feature of this bat is the material with which it was made – this comprises imported, high-quality wood and some very durable Chinese rubber. The high quality and durability are very apparent upon taking a look at it. The rubber with which this bat was made also gives it a lot more ball control ability than a number of other bats.

Similarly, this bat would last very long provided that it is properly maintained which includes proper cleaning and regular replacement of the protective cover. The DHS New Series Racket has a lot of shot power and control due to its somewhat heavyweight and is bound to have you great value for the money. A benefit of using this bat is that it can also be used in professional tournaments as well as for regular playing.

2. Butterfly 302 Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Racket Set

The Butterfly 302 Racket Set consists of a very durable ping pong paddle and a table tennis case that can be us d for transporting the contents to different places. This paddle is specially designed for competitive matches and includes features that are bound to make you a lot better than your opponent including a very balanced combination of speed control and spins that would give you the edge that you need.

Apart from competitive games, it can also be used for other purposes such as basic play with friends and family. However, it is especially very suitable for beginners and players aspiring to be professional table tennis players. A number of professional tennis players also prefer this particular bat to a number of other bats around due to its ease of use.

For the materials, it is made from Yuki 2.1mm ping pong rubber that is ITTF approved for a professional tournament game.  It is red on the forehand side and black on the backhand side and the rubber serves to give a great bounce as well an extra stickiness feature that gives your shots extra spins.

The racket is made Chinese penhold style and comes with a case that protects your gear from adverse weather conditions.

3. Xiom MUV 8.0P – Offensive Plus Premade Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket

The Xiom MUV 8.0P Offensive Plus comes with a 2.0 Xiom pro-spin rubber that makes it one of the top-rated rackets on the market. This Japanese made racket is one of the members of the MUV series and is a premium penhold racket. The Xiom MUV 8.0P Offensive Plus is pretty lightweight and yet a lot more effective than other rackets on the market; it also has provision for great speed and has an amazing weight balance.

This racket has been certified by ITTF for all classes of competitions including local, regional and international competitions. With a design that is aimed at guaranteeing the best performance, this is a top choice for a racket. The Xiom MUV 8.0P Offensive Plus guarantees that you don’t have to get an extra racket for either practicing or actual competitions since it is suitable for both purposes.

It comes with a spin-rich design that makes for better and more advanced speed, spin and control. This helps to greatly reduce the number of errors and flops that you experience while playing a round of your table tennis game. To make this racket even more offensive, it has a Z power black rubber sheet.

Maintenance simply requires that you change the rubber whenever it wears out.

4. New Butterfly ADDOY P20 Table Tennis Racket Penholder and Ball

The New Butterfly ADDOY P20 comes in a special design that makes it suitable to be used by both beginners and professionals or advanced table tennis players. For starters, the playing surface is made from durable rubber that is guaranteed to last very long and be remain in great condition all through your learning process or playing stages. As a topping, this racket is approved by the ITTF which implies that it can be used for playing in professional competitions.

If you are after a racket that you would learn penhold style with, then this is just perfect. It remains one of the best models on the market for learning the penhold style. In addition, if you re one that loves to win games using spins, then New Butterfly ADDOY P20 Table Tennis Racket guarantees you all the spins you need to win and some more.

It is lightweight and is good enough to supply the grip that you would need to defeat your opponent time and time again. Apart from this, the New Butterfly ADDOY P20 Table Tennis Racket is very affordable and even comes with two tennis balls to get you started. It also has a warranty that covers damages that may occur to it within a limited time period.

5. Boliprince Professional Five Plies Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Racket Chinese Ping Pong Paddle

 Table tennis gives you a unique opportunity to relax that you may not get while playing other sports. This particular racket is designed to further help you relax thanks to its superior quality that reduces the stress you have to go through when playing. The Boliprince racket is a five plies carbon fiber table tennis racket and has a very high-performance rating of eight in spin, eight in control and eight in speed.

For lining the sides of the racket, 2mm of the sponge is used on one side while 2mm of premium rubber is used on the other side. Similarly, the racket has a protective film covering both the front and back sides that protect the rubber from too intense impact. To make up the total package are one wrist band, a carry bag, and two racket edge to go along with the racket.


There is a great deal of impact that the type of penhold paddle you play with has on your game. Also, there is a very thin line between rackets that can provide you with great professionalism and basic playing style. This is why you need to invest time into getting the best penhold paddle available on the market.

How to Clean Playing Cards: Here is everything you need to Know.

Cleaning playing cards sometimes is the hardest task to perform, especially cards with paper surfaces instead of plastic. For this reason, it is only advisable to clean playing cards that are very expensive or those that are of considerable value. Cleaning the cheap ones is not worthwhile.

Cards sometimes are very sticky and hard to handle especially after playing with them. It is therefore advisable to clean the cards before you store them. There are several ways of cleaning playing cards, the most effective ones include:

  • Using Wet Tissues

You can use wet tissue to clean your cards especially if they are not very dirty. For instance, if you are cleaning your cards after not more than two uses then the wet tissues will be of great help. However, you should not apply pressure if this does not work for you, as you may end up destroying the cards or even altering the colors. For you to ensure that your cards last long and are protected, it is prudent to always clean all the dirt, dust and crunches after every single use using the wet tissues.

  • Using Talcum powder and Cornstarch

You can also use some basic household items to clean you cards, for instance, talcum powder is one of the most secure ways to clean your cards. Besides, it will help you remove all the grease and oil from the playing cards. The cornstarch absorbs residue and oil without using water. To clean your playing cards, put all the cards in a paper bag then add several tablespoons of talcum powder or cornstarch then shake well. Wipe each card with a clean paper towel thereafter.

  • White bread

Moreover, you can remove fingerprint stains from your playing cards by just rubbing the cards with a piece of white bread. Besides removing the fingerprints, this method will also add shine to your cards. The bread should be soft and fresh. After repeating the process for more than 5 counts, wipe all the cards with a dry cloth. You should not wipe cheap cards with a water solvent as it may cause warping. You should buy new cards if your cards are already greasy or are stained

  • Mild Soap and Cold Water

The second last method of cleaning playing cards is by using cold water and mild soap. This method is only preferred if you have plastic playing cards. To clean the cards, dampen a clean towel with cold water, add a little shampoo of mild dish soap then rub the towel on the both sides of the playing cards then wipe the cards immediately with a dry cloth. However, you should not clean your favorite poker set with a detergent and you should prevent them from direct sunlight as it may destroy them.

  • Cotton spirits and cotton balls

Last but not least, you can also clean your playing cards using cotton spirits and cotton balls. This method is mostly preferred when you want to revive old cards or when you want to clean a very dirty deck of cards. It will help your old playing cards look very new. Dampen a cotton ball with the spirits of camphor then use it to wipe your deck.


Playing cards is one of the best ways to sharpen your brains. Cards always becomes dirty after every session. This therefore means you have to take a little more care in order to keep them clean. One of the major reasons for keeping your cards clean is to make shuffling easy. That’s why we have given you these awesome tips that you could use to clean your cards, and they have been tested and proven. Go through the article and choose one that is workable for you and is your favorite among them..

5 Best Wiffle Ball Bats Reviews of 2020

Trying to get the best quality Wiffle bats on the market can be an arduous task especially in the case that there are so many options to pick from. Wiffle bats usually take the appearance of regular baseball bats but are made out of plastic and are used for batting practice. Basically, they are used during training for kids and starters in general.

For the purpose of making the best wiffle ball bats purchase a lot easier on you, we have narrowed down a very long list to only five bats that we think are the best in the world. These bats have been carefully selected based on a number of criteria.

Wiffle Ball Bats Reviews

Here is a detailed breakdown of these bats and details:

1. Blitzball Power Starter Bat

Blitzball starter pack remains one of the top 5 best wiffle bats in the world. It usually comprises of 3 balls and one bat to make up the complete package. This bad is specially designed for beginners and while the bat has a blue color, the balls are yellow. They are colored this way to make sure that you have no difficulty seeing the ball when it is coming at you.

The blitzball power starter bat has a weight that makes it a regular wiffle ball but as well. For softballs and light baseballs, this bat has enough weight to swat them away very easily. For kids and beginners, this is basically a bat that they need to start their sporting journey, however, it cannot be used for playing real baseballs.

The bat has an appropriate barrel size which implies that it is neither too skinny not too thick. One other feature that makes the Blitzball power starter bat one of the cool wiffle ball bats is that the bat length resembles that of regular bats.

2. Easton Pro Stix Training Set

The first feature of the Easton Pro Stix Training Set that catches the eye is the price tag, it costs only $12. For this price, it is one of the cheapest prices wiffle bats available for use by beginners. Despite the low price, the manufacturers did not compromise on quality since it is one of the most durable wiffle bats available on the market.

To make up the total package, a plastic ball comes along with the 33″ ultra-low weight bat that allows for enhanced maneuverability. Although this bat was not designed to be wiffle ball bat for professionals, it remains a very great choice for beginners. Its lightweight nature still allows for a handling regular wiffle balls and light tennis balls as well.

For your money’s worth, this bat really comes through. However, if you are getting this bat to use it with hard balls, then that could be a very bad idea. This is because it is not designed for hitting hard balls and this would damage it early.

3. Blitzball Dude Perfect Starter Pack

The blitzball dude perfect starter pack is one of the best plastic baseball bats that you can find on the market. This starter pack includes a dude blitzball power bat and three dude perfect blitzballs. It has a unique design that cannot be found on any other bat alongside features that offer maximum speed, curve, and distance.

It is made in the USA and weighs just inner 1 oz making it great for easy lifting and hitting.

4. Louisville Slugger Replica Bat

Unlike all the other bats discussed, the Louisville Slugger is made out of maple wood. This, however, is the replica and is made with plastic. For hard hits and longer distances, this bat is just perfect, however, it is relatively expensive compared to other plastic bats. In terms of quality, this bat is top-notch and is highly durable as well.

Thanks to its design and the material that it is made with, this bat can be used by both beginners and professionals to practice. Although it is made of plastic, it is pretty difficult to decipher this fact due to the manner in which it was designed and made. Also, it is an exact replica of the extraordinary Louisville Slugger c271.

5. 32″ Wiffle Ball Bat

For beginners or individuals looking to use a Wiffle Ball bat, this might be a great choice and it is also very much affordable. It comes in a design that is especially suited to be used by kids. In addition, it is not made from very durable materials and consists a hollow construction which is made using a plastic material that is very much lightweight.

As a plus, this bat is free of latex to ensure the safety of children for whom it was designed. In essence, it is a very basic and simple bat with a length of 32 inches without any special features such as wooden knobs or hand grips. For basic playing functions, this bat is great but in order to get a better grip, you would need to get tapes.

This bat features a very skinny or slim structure which could make it difficult to hit at small balls which are moving very fast. Apart from this, you are basically good to go and this could be a great performing bat provided you use it right. As a tip, avoid playing baseballs with this bat since it is specifically made for just wiffle balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should a Wiffle Ball fence be?

Wiffle Ball fields used for official playing purposes usually have a fence or wall enclosing them. Basically, the wall or fence should extend from one foul pole to the other and the height is usually between 4 and 16 feet high. Meanwhile, the distance from home plate to the foul poles should be between 80 and 105 feet.

How far is the pitcher’s mound in wiffle ball?

For official playing purposes, the pitcher usually throws at a distance of 42 feet from the tip of the home plate. This implies that the pitching rubber which is usually made use of would be exactly 42 feet from the tip of the home plate.

How big is a wiffle ball field?

For a Wiffle Ball field, the batter’s box us usually no less than three feet wide and four feet long and no more than four feet wide and six feet long. For the home plate, it is a standard 17 inches in width.

Where are wiffle balls made?

Wiffle made are made in a whole lot of places especially in the United States. For the record, one Wiffle Ball making factory is located in Shelton, Connecticut.

How big is a Wiffle ball strike zone?

The Strike Zone of a waffle ball which is cut out of the backstop is 22″ wide by 30″ tall, and starts at 12″ off the ground. This is the dimensions that are made use of for official playing fields.


Getting the best Wiffle bats is not a sure guarantee of having a great game but is definitely a start. Provided you know how to make use the Wiffle bats, this may very well be a sure guarantee. This is why getting the best Wiffle bats is very advisable and is a move that you should make.

What Is The Best Darts To Buy?

The thrill of playing the dart game. It gives you chills and excitement of throwing the darts into the board and it comes with a friendly rivalry, playing darts is one of the best sports you can spend your time with friends or families.

Darts may not be a mainstream popular sport like football or tennis, however, it can always be played at the top professional level competing.

Darts is a fun and exciting sport to both who watch and who plays. The skills you can have with it is infinitely and definitely high which keeps pushing the boundaries. And with the right equipment, it can get you at the top of your game. Keep in mind that darts are not just items that you can always get, so consider making research properly.

What Is The Best Darts To Buy?

1. 1. CUESOUL 22/24/26 Grams 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Dart

It is a nice quality darts and has no issues with different variances in terms of weight. It is even very well priced and you would be glad to see that it brings two sets of shafts and flights. The grip on these darts are great, it has an area behind the balance point that can allow you to place your thumb consistently which can help you get a consistent grip on the darts.

2. Fat Cat Predator 90 Tungsten Dart

These darts are also highly recommended. They are light enough to be able for you to throw easily and heavy enough to hit hard when you needed to. They are also exceptionally thin, which is awesome, it helps you to avoid hitting them when you throw.

3. CUESOUL 95% Tungsten Darts

If you’re looking for a perfectly weighted darts, then this one is the right choice. Even if you throw this thousands of times it can still go very accurate and concise, which is nice. You can even be able to throw tight groupings when you needed to, and where you need them. The item is not that pricey so it’s a good investment for the sport to set you to the A game. You can able to compete with friends with this professional level darts very well.

4. WINMAX 80% / 90% Tungsten Darts

A very excellent darts for beginners and professionals. The darts can be weightful but you can feel it very easy to hold and grip. You can practice as much as you want because it lasts longer than expected. This darts is eco-friendly as well with high quality. Weightful in a good way that fly’s nice and has a small barrel for a tight group. It’s one of the best darts out there even for the price!

5. Viper Element 90% Tungsten soft tip darts

One of the very well-balanced out there that can compete with other brands. You can even try several configurations such as micro shafts, long shafts, nylon, aluminum, wire, and four different shaped flights, and the stock setup looks exactly what you are buying. They fly true and hit hard, and has minimal pop out. You can hold them very lightly that can help you with a clean release. Flights look very unique, being almost rectangular and that they are fairly lightweight and can still go and feel accurate for each throw. One bonus is that the shafts are really eye-catching.

Choosing the right equipment is always the right thing to do. So consider buying these darts and you will be set and not upset. You won’t be disappointed as you will enjoy every moment of playing darts game with family, friends, and colleagues while using this darts.


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Review

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is one of the best-known names in the world of darts game. It is one of the startup company who makes electronic dartboards back in 1975, and they have over 40 years of experience making consumers satisfied, and that’s why it has the name for recognition.

So, with Arachnid Cricket Pro 800, you know you’ve just got what you’re looking for, and it’s some good quality.

The dartboard is an electronic dart board with high quality and is pretty much durable, and has a regulation for its size. It helps you boost your enthusiasm and can make you become a professional as if as you really are in tournaments either with friends or family, and anywhere, either at home or when you’re out – and like I said, it can make you feel like you’re in a tournament so, this as well is perfect for tournaments.

And if you’re a beginner, then this could also be the right one, because of its quality which reduces bounce outs, and the learning curve, like you’re already a pro, to begin with.

The Specifications For The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Below you will see all its specifications. As we compare it to the other models of the Arachnid Cricket Pro.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 900

Dimensions – 21″ x 2″ x 29″

Weight – 11.73 lbs

Target Area – 15.5″

Games & Variations – 48 & 354

Amazon Link:

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

Dimensions – 30″ x 22″ x 3″

Weight – 10 lbs

Target Area – 15.5″

Games & Variations – 40 & 179

Amazon Link:

Arachnid Cricket Pro 750

Dimensions – 29″ x 21″ x 2″

Weight – 8 lbs

Target Area – 15.5″

Games & Variations – 36 & 175

Amazon Link:

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 has approximate dimensions of 30x22x3 inches which makes pretty decent for its size as electronic dart boards. May look a bit bulkier than the other two and has more features. It weights for about 10lbs, which is a bit light for a dartboard, and it comes in between the Cricket pro 750 and 900.

Its target area has a regulation size of 15.5″, so it makes it look perfect not just for fun or practice but for a tournament because it has the same size board similar to a tournament or competition.

One of its biggest difference between the two models is its games and variations. The 750 has the fewest and the 900 has the most. Which make it more balanced.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 shows a solid 40 games and 179 variations not just for amateurs, but for professionals as well.

And as far as electronic dartboard goes, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 has just a few honest minor issues that can keep you going. It works great, family and tournament-friendly that you will love. You play different games on it, and you can easily see the scores, players, etc on the display. There are many available options for Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 when playing different games. Easy to set up, but it’s recommended to use both screws to help keep it level.

As for its downside, the darts often get stuck, like you have to pull them out hard to get them out, which can result in a lot of broken and bent tips. Keep in mind though, it’s the electronic board and not the darts. Buttons on the board can be sticky for quite some time and you have to press them hard or even twice to get it to register what you want. Overall, IT’S A GREAT DARTBOARD.

Fat Cat 3 In 1 Game Table Reviews

The reason why Fat Cat 3 In 1 Game Table is the most popular one out there is that it has a combination of 3 games in just one table. The table is just one another great addition for your recreational room at home, especially if you want your kids to be entertained and get well-oriented in indoors sporting activities.

It’s a good quality multi-game table and highly recommended. The Fat Cat 3 in 1 is a flip game table that has multiple games you can play, such as Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table – you read that right, in just one table! Three reasons why it’s incredibly good is that, First, it looks awesome, Second, it’s made out of good quality materials, and lastly, 3 games in just one table, all you have to do is flip it.

You see, most of the game tables that have more than 3 games are frequently made out of lower quality materials and lazily manufactured, – the reason is they have to put and fit several games in it and usually ends up just an average low-quality table.

The reason why you should consider Fat Cat 3 In 1 Game Table is so very simple. Of course, if you’re actually looking at it, it’s obviously a 2 in 1 game table but with an added game table surface. The table is actually made off with the pool table, and mind you that pool table are usually high end.

Its construction is one of the major reason why it’s so good – you can adjust it to air hockey, pool table, and table tennis – which means people who made this and thought of this idea created it with care and are very attentive to details. In order to transform it from pool table to air hockey – all you have to do is pretty much simple, just flip the tabletop to its other side and voila – that’s it. It is called the Fat Cat 3 in 1 flip game table for that reason.


1. Gloss finish: The board is finely glossed which makes it look more exciting. The pucks are well-made and easy to hit because of its gloss finish that gives quicker pace.

2. Less Noise: The motor produces lesser sound than common electric motors which makes the game comfortable.

3. Design – It is well-designed, especially the board. It has an attractive look and gives you the feel of the real thing like you are actually in such a game arena.

4. Safe: It has locks and unlocks features which ensure the safety without causing any problem to you or to the table.

5. Storage Capacity: The storage shelves are provided accordingly for the accessories. Gives you a lesser work to find separate storage to place the table’s accessories.


1. Assembly: The directions are a bit tricky but doable.

One of its best features is you can save space at home, and the fun you can get are all in just one table. You can just easily assemble it, and even the customer service is quite awesome, especially when you’re having trouble figuring out on how to assemble it, you can just call to the customer service and Fat Cat would send out immediately a help, or even replace it if it’s bigger trouble.

Fat Cat 3 in 1 will surely give you thrills and chills because indoor games are actually refreshing and you can spend fun time with your family without having to leave the house. This product is recommended, mainly to anyone with kids.

Top 5 Best Multi Game Table Reviews 2020 & Guide

Looking for the best multi-game table to buy on the market could be a pretty difficult and stressful process due to the number of various brands available. Just like the name denotes, multi-game tables offer you the opportunity to play different indoor games making use of a single table. The number of benefits that you can get from making is of this table is almost inexhaustible, which is why you should go for the best in order to enjoy it for longer.

This article serves to answer the question “what is the best multi-game table on the market” in details and aims to help you make the right purchase choice. From the list we compiled, here are some of the best multi-game tables that are on the market:

1. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7 Foot Pocket Game Table

This table allows you to play three different games namely air hockey, billiards, and table tennis. The Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7 Foot Pocket Game Table is specially designed for adults and for kids and also guarantees tees family fun. Instead of having three different game tables occupying a lot of space in your house, why not just have one is the question that this table asks.

Similarly, this table comes with all the accessories for the games that can be played on it and has built-in storage for storing these accessories and your other supplies. The table features a patented latch locking system unless other tables that use a traditional pin system that could break off if engaged when the table gets turned. For the hockey surface, it is specially designed to last and possesses some of the finest hockey table features.

Meanwhile, the billiards table playing surface makes use of a Tetolon green cloth, drop pockets and rubber bumpers. The table tennis surface, on the other hand, is a tri-fold table top used for compact storage. One major feature of this table is that attention was paid to detail in its construction as can be seen from the glossy white surface of the ice hockey table.

2. Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game with Red Felt and Blue Table Tennis Surface

This elegant table from Hathaway’s offers the best option for family fun. Exciting games of Billiards and Table tennis are sure to guarantee either this table. Bearing dimensions of about 7 feet in length, this pool table possesses a sturdy, removable tennis top.

As a plus, this table comes with a 6-step installation feature that ensures that no time is wasted during the installation. To switch to the table tennis portion of this table, all you have to do is push the two to pieces together and attach a net. Similarly, the manufacturers of this table include a 180-day manufacturer warranty and an assurance of safe delivery of table and table parts.

If there are any issues with your table, the manufacturers guarantee that they would send replacement parts or even ship an entirely new table to you at no cost. The design of this table makes it very much suited to places that are not very large. This makes it the perfect table for fitting into small places pretty snugly.

Similarly, this table boats of a poly-sealed billiard surface with beautiful blended felt and K66 rubber functions. Similarly, it weighs about 252 pounds. This environmentally safe and responsibly engineered table makes for one hell of a multi-game table.

3. EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top

The EastPoint brand is well known for its stance in the creation of high-end recreational sporting equipment for various sporting activities. This multi-game table is one of the many products that they have on the market. It has a GlazeTek surface that is air powered, hardened and ultra smooth. The multi-game table design is aimed at keeping you and your family or guests entertained for a very long time.

Assembly is pretty easy and is usually done under 15 minutes while the table is designed to withstand the actions of extremely aggressive players. For the record, this table has two features – the table tennis and the hover hockey features. Also, the GlazeTek table is actually scratch resistant and highly resistant to wear and tear.

This table also has an in-rail led scoring and sound system that automatically light up in order to help you track the action. The leg levers that  with this table grants stability, easy setup and balanced. It also includes a conversion top that sits well on top of your hockey table.

Similarly, this table comes with all the accessories that you would need to play a standard game of hockey or table tennis depending on you.

4. Triumph Sports Swivel Multigame Table

Triumph Sports is a US-based recreational sporting company with its hands in the creation of various sporting/recreational equipment. It has a rotating table design that allows you to change from normal game to game in seconds and can be played at any time. The billiards table and boasts of a glossy PVC laminate playfield with a 110 V blower motor that guarantees fast and continued play.

The table tennis conversion top also sports the full package comprising nets and post sets, two billboard 57-inch billiard cues that you may or may not be using in that body. This table fits perfectly in a number of rooms including family game rooms, rec rooms, and break rooms. The table also has a patented air distribution system that allows air to flow all through the table.

More importantly, the table along with all the accessories that are needed by the player for playing every single one of the three games. It is specially designed to be ideal for the entire family and then some more. This table comes with one guarantee which is that all three games are so much fun.

5. Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table with Billiards, Foosball, Push Hockey, Ping Pong, etc.

This table is the perfect definition of unending fun for hours. The extra game boards and accessories can be stored within the game table just between the billiard base and Foosball table. This way, you do not have to bother about losing any of the accessories that you need to play the game with. One great advantage of this table is that it offers so many options.

More importantly, it is really easy to switch from one game to another. Switching takes only a very short while and requires very minimal stress, unlike some other tables. Sunnydaze gaming table comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, this is one great feature of this product as well.


Multi-game tables are an innovation that has brought so much ease and enjoyment to playing indoor games as against when they can only be used to play just one particular game type. Easy to assemble multi-game tables are actually the bomb and this is what most companies aim for. In addition, it is a lot easier and more advisable for you to get a compact table that would fit in your house than a large one that would not.