5 Best Wiffle Ball Bats Reviews of 2020

Trying to get the best quality Wiffle bats on the market can be an arduous task especially in the case that there are so many options to pick from. Wiffle bats usually take the appearance of regular baseball bats but are made out of plastic and are used for batting practice. Basically, they are used during training for kids and starters in general.

For the purpose of making the best wiffle ball bats purchase a lot easier on you, we have narrowed down a very long list to only five bats that we think are the best in the world. These bats have been carefully selected based on a number of criteria.

Wiffle Ball Bats Reviews

Here is a detailed breakdown of these bats and details:

1. Blitzball Power Starter Bat

Blitzball starter pack remains one of the top 5 best wiffle bats in the world. It usually comprises of 3 balls and one bat to make up the complete package. This bad is specially designed for beginners and while the bat has a blue color, the balls are yellow. They are colored this way to make sure that you have no difficulty seeing the ball when it is coming at you.

The blitzball power starter bat has a weight that makes it a regular wiffle ball but as well. For softballs and light baseballs, this bat has enough weight to swat them away very easily. For kids and beginners, this is basically a bat that they need to start their sporting journey, however, it cannot be used for playing real baseballs.

The bat has an appropriate barrel size which implies that it is neither too skinny not too thick. One other feature that makes the Blitzball power starter bat one of the cool wiffle ball bats is that the bat length resembles that of regular bats.

2. Easton Pro Stix Training Set

The first feature of the Easton Pro Stix Training Set that catches the eye is the price tag, it costs only $12. For this price, it is one of the cheapest prices wiffle bats available for use by beginners. Despite the low price, the manufacturers did not compromise on quality since it is one of the most durable wiffle bats available on the market.

To make up the total package, a plastic ball comes along with the 33″ ultra-low weight bat that allows for enhanced maneuverability. Although this bat was not designed to be wiffle ball bat for professionals, it remains a very great choice for beginners. Its lightweight nature still allows for a handling regular wiffle balls and light tennis balls as well.

For your money’s worth, this bat really comes through. However, if you are getting this bat to use it with hard balls, then that could be a very bad idea. This is because it is not designed for hitting hard balls and this would damage it early.

3. Blitzball Dude Perfect Starter Pack

The blitzball dude perfect starter pack is one of the best plastic baseball bats that you can find on the market. This starter pack includes a dude blitzball power bat and three dude perfect blitzballs. It has a unique design that cannot be found on any other bat alongside features that offer maximum speed, curve, and distance.

It is made in the USA and weighs just inner 1 oz making it great for easy lifting and hitting.

4. Louisville Slugger Replica Bat

Unlike all the other bats discussed, the Louisville Slugger is made out of maple wood. This, however, is the replica and is made with plastic. For hard hits and longer distances, this bat is just perfect, however, it is relatively expensive compared to other plastic bats. In terms of quality, this bat is top-notch and is highly durable as well.

Thanks to its design and the material that it is made with, this bat can be used by both beginners and professionals to practice. Although it is made of plastic, it is pretty difficult to decipher this fact due to the manner in which it was designed and made. Also, it is an exact replica of the extraordinary Louisville Slugger c271.

5. 32″ Wiffle Ball Bat

For beginners or individuals looking to use a Wiffle Ball bat, this might be a great choice and it is also very much affordable. It comes in a design that is especially suited to be used by kids. In addition, it is not made from very durable materials and consists a hollow construction which is made using a plastic material that is very much lightweight.

As a plus, this bat is free of latex to ensure the safety of children for whom it was designed. In essence, it is a very basic and simple bat with a length of 32 inches without any special features such as wooden knobs or hand grips. For basic playing functions, this bat is great but in order to get a better grip, you would need to get tapes.

This bat features a very skinny or slim structure which could make it difficult to hit at small balls which are moving very fast. Apart from this, you are basically good to go and this could be a great performing bat provided you use it right. As a tip, avoid playing baseballs with this bat since it is specifically made for just wiffle balls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should a Wiffle Ball fence be?

Wiffle Ball fields used for official playing purposes usually have a fence or wall enclosing them. Basically, the wall or fence should extend from one foul pole to the other and the height is usually between 4 and 16 feet high. Meanwhile, the distance from home plate to the foul poles should be between 80 and 105 feet.

How far is the pitcher’s mound in wiffle ball?

For official playing purposes, the pitcher usually throws at a distance of 42 feet from the tip of the home plate. This implies that the pitching rubber which is usually made use of would be exactly 42 feet from the tip of the home plate.

How big is a wiffle ball field?

For a Wiffle Ball field, the batter’s box us usually no less than three feet wide and four feet long and no more than four feet wide and six feet long. For the home plate, it is a standard 17 inches in width.

Where are wiffle balls made?

Wiffle made are made in a whole lot of places especially in the United States. For the record, one Wiffle Ball making factory is located in Shelton, Connecticut.

How big is a Wiffle ball strike zone?

The Strike Zone of a waffle ball which is cut out of the backstop is 22″ wide by 30″ tall, and starts at 12″ off the ground. This is the dimensions that are made use of for official playing fields.


Getting the best Wiffle bats is not a sure guarantee of having a great game but is definitely a start. Provided you know how to make use the Wiffle bats, this may very well be a sure guarantee. This is why getting the best Wiffle bats is very advisable and is a move that you should make.

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