Fat Cat 3 In 1 Game Table Reviews

The reason why Fat Cat 3 In 1 Game Table is the most popular one out there is that it has a combination of 3 games in just one table. The table is just one another great addition for your recreational room at home, especially if you want your kids to be entertained and get well-oriented in indoors sporting activities.

It’s a good quality multi-game table and highly recommended. The Fat Cat 3 in 1 is a flip game table that has multiple games you can play, such as Air Hockey, Billiards, and Table Tennis Table – you read that right, in just one table! Three reasons why it’s incredibly good is that, First, it looks awesome, Second, it’s made out of good quality materials, and lastly, 3 games in just one table, all you have to do is flip it.

You see, most of the game tables that have more than 3 games are frequently made out of lower quality materials and lazily manufactured, – the reason is they have to put and fit several games in it and usually ends up just an average low-quality table.

The reason why you should consider Fat Cat 3 In 1 Game Table is so very simple. Of course, if you’re actually looking at it, it’s obviously a 2 in 1 game table but with an added game table surface. The table is actually made off with the pool table, and mind you that pool table are usually high end.

Its construction is one of the major reason why it’s so good – you can adjust it to air hockey, pool table, and table tennis – which means people who made this and thought of this idea created it with care and are very attentive to details. In order to transform it from pool table to air hockey – all you have to do is pretty much simple, just flip the tabletop to its other side and voila – that’s it. It is called the Fat Cat 3 in 1 flip game table for that reason.


1. Gloss finish: The board is finely glossed which makes it look more exciting. The pucks are well-made and easy to hit because of its gloss finish that gives quicker pace.

2. Less Noise: The motor produces lesser sound than common electric motors which makes the game comfortable.

3. Design – It is well-designed, especially the board. It has an attractive look and gives you the feel of the real thing like you are actually in such a game arena.

4. Safe: It has locks and unlocks features which ensure the safety without causing any problem to you or to the table.

5. Storage Capacity: The storage shelves are provided accordingly for the accessories. Gives you a lesser work to find separate storage to place the table’s accessories.


1. Assembly: The directions are a bit tricky but doable.

One of its best features is you can save space at home, and the fun you can get are all in just one table. You can just easily assemble it, and even the customer service is quite awesome, especially when you’re having trouble figuring out on how to assemble it, you can just call to the customer service and Fat Cat would send out immediately a help, or even replace it if it’s bigger trouble.

Fat Cat 3 in 1 will surely give you thrills and chills because indoor games are actually refreshing and you can spend fun time with your family without having to leave the house. This product is recommended, mainly to anyone with kids.

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