Top 5 Best Multi Game Table Reviews 2020 & Guide

Looking for the best multi-game table to buy on the market could be a pretty difficult and stressful process due to the number of various brands available. Just like the name denotes, multi-game tables offer you the opportunity to play different indoor games making use of a single table. The number of benefits that you can get from making is of this table is almost inexhaustible, which is why you should go for the best in order to enjoy it for longer.

This article serves to answer the question “what is the best multi-game table on the market” in details and aims to help you make the right purchase choice. From the list we compiled, here are some of the best multi-game tables that are on the market:

1. Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7 Foot Pocket Game Table

This table allows you to play three different games namely air hockey, billiards, and table tennis. The Fat Cat Original 3-in-1, 7 Foot Pocket Game Table is specially designed for adults and for kids and also guarantees tees family fun. Instead of having three different game tables occupying a lot of space in your house, why not just have one is the question that this table asks.

Similarly, this table comes with all the accessories for the games that can be played on it and has built-in storage for storing these accessories and your other supplies. The table features a patented latch locking system unless other tables that use a traditional pin system that could break off if engaged when the table gets turned. For the hockey surface, it is specially designed to last and possesses some of the finest hockey table features.

Meanwhile, the billiards table playing surface makes use of a Tetolon green cloth, drop pockets and rubber bumpers. The table tennis surface, on the other hand, is a tri-fold table top used for compact storage. One major feature of this table is that attention was paid to detail in its construction as can be seen from the glossy white surface of the ice hockey table.

2. Hathaway Maverick 7-foot Pool and Table Tennis Multi Game with Red Felt and Blue Table Tennis Surface

This elegant table from Hathaway’s offers the best option for family fun. Exciting games of Billiards and Table tennis are sure to guarantee either this table. Bearing dimensions of about 7 feet in length, this pool table possesses a sturdy, removable tennis top.

As a plus, this table comes with a 6-step installation feature that ensures that no time is wasted during the installation. To switch to the table tennis portion of this table, all you have to do is push the two to pieces together and attach a net. Similarly, the manufacturers of this table include a 180-day manufacturer warranty and an assurance of safe delivery of table and table parts.

If there are any issues with your table, the manufacturers guarantee that they would send replacement parts or even ship an entirely new table to you at no cost. The design of this table makes it very much suited to places that are not very large. This makes it the perfect table for fitting into small places pretty snugly.

Similarly, this table boats of a poly-sealed billiard surface with beautiful blended felt and K66 rubber functions. Similarly, it weighs about 252 pounds. This environmentally safe and responsibly engineered table makes for one hell of a multi-game table.

3. EastPoint Sports NHL Power Play Air Powered Hockey Table with Table Tennis Top

The EastPoint brand is well known for its stance in the creation of high-end recreational sporting equipment for various sporting activities. This multi-game table is one of the many products that they have on the market. It has a GlazeTek surface that is air powered, hardened and ultra smooth. The multi-game table design is aimed at keeping you and your family or guests entertained for a very long time.

Assembly is pretty easy and is usually done under 15 minutes while the table is designed to withstand the actions of extremely aggressive players. For the record, this table has two features – the table tennis and the hover hockey features. Also, the GlazeTek table is actually scratch resistant and highly resistant to wear and tear.

This table also has an in-rail led scoring and sound system that automatically light up in order to help you track the action. The leg levers that  with this table grants stability, easy setup and balanced. It also includes a conversion top that sits well on top of your hockey table.

Similarly, this table comes with all the accessories that you would need to play a standard game of hockey or table tennis depending on you.

4. Triumph Sports Swivel Multigame Table

Triumph Sports is a US-based recreational sporting company with its hands in the creation of various sporting/recreational equipment. It has a rotating table design that allows you to change from normal game to game in seconds and can be played at any time. The billiards table and boasts of a glossy PVC laminate playfield with a 110 V blower motor that guarantees fast and continued play.

The table tennis conversion top also sports the full package comprising nets and post sets, two billboard 57-inch billiard cues that you may or may not be using in that body. This table fits perfectly in a number of rooms including family game rooms, rec rooms, and break rooms. The table also has a patented air distribution system that allows air to flow all through the table.

More importantly, the table along with all the accessories that are needed by the player for playing every single one of the three games. It is specially designed to be ideal for the entire family and then some more. This table comes with one guarantee which is that all three games are so much fun.

5. Sunnydaze 10 Combination Multi Game Table with Billiards, Foosball, Push Hockey, Ping Pong, etc.

This table is the perfect definition of unending fun for hours. The extra game boards and accessories can be stored within the game table just between the billiard base and Foosball table. This way, you do not have to bother about losing any of the accessories that you need to play the game with. One great advantage of this table is that it offers so many options.

More importantly, it is really easy to switch from one game to another. Switching takes only a very short while and requires very minimal stress, unlike some other tables. Sunnydaze gaming table comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer, this is one great feature of this product as well.


Multi-game tables are an innovation that has brought so much ease and enjoyment to playing indoor games as against when they can only be used to play just one particular game type. Easy to assemble multi-game tables are actually the bomb and this is what most companies aim for. In addition, it is a lot easier and more advisable for you to get a compact table that would fit in your house than a large one that would not.

The 5 Best Penhold Paddle 2020 Reviews & Guide

During a game of ping pong or table tennis, a number of factors affect your performance to a great extent. One of these factors which are about the most important is the type of penhold paddle. Making use of one of the best penhold paddles available on the market helps your grip and then consequently, your performance.

In order to perform even better, you would need to get a paddle type that is best suited to the way you play. If you fail to do this, this would affect your performance greatly. Therefore, the next question is what is the best penhold ping pong paddle and this is exactly what this article aims to answer.

1. DHS 6006 New Series Superstar Table Tennis Racket Penhold: Best of best

The DHS New Series Racket has a very comprehensive and well-structured construction which makes it suitable for use by a range of players. Thanks to this feature, this bat can stand up to a number of professional paddles when it boils down to quality and performance. This ping pong paddle comes at a very affordable cost and is great for a beginner and other players aspiring to become professionals.

One great feature of this bat is the material with which it was made – this comprises imported, high-quality wood and some very durable Chinese rubber. The high quality and durability are very apparent upon taking a look at it. The rubber with which this bat was made also gives it a lot more ball control ability than a number of other bats.

Similarly, this bat would last very long provided that it is properly maintained which includes proper cleaning and regular replacement of the protective cover. The DHS New Series Racket has a lot of shot power and control due to its somewhat heavyweight and is bound to have you great value for the money. A benefit of using this bat is that it can also be used in professional tournaments as well as for regular playing.

2. Butterfly 302 Chinese Penhold Table Tennis Racket Set

The Butterfly 302 Racket Set consists of a very durable ping pong paddle and a table tennis case that can be us d for transporting the contents to different places. This paddle is specially designed for competitive matches and includes features that are bound to make you a lot better than your opponent including a very balanced combination of speed control and spins that would give you the edge that you need.

Apart from competitive games, it can also be used for other purposes such as basic play with friends and family. However, it is especially very suitable for beginners and players aspiring to be professional table tennis players. A number of professional tennis players also prefer this particular bat to a number of other bats around due to its ease of use.

For the materials, it is made from Yuki 2.1mm ping pong rubber that is ITTF approved for a professional tournament game.  It is red on the forehand side and black on the backhand side and the rubber serves to give a great bounce as well an extra stickiness feature that gives your shots extra spins.

The racket is made Chinese penhold style and comes with a case that protects your gear from adverse weather conditions.

3. Xiom MUV 8.0P – Offensive Plus Premade Japanese Penhold Table Tennis Racket

The Xiom MUV 8.0P Offensive Plus comes with a 2.0 Xiom pro-spin rubber that makes it one of the top-rated rackets on the market. This Japanese made racket is one of the members of the MUV series and is a premium penhold racket. The Xiom MUV 8.0P Offensive Plus is pretty lightweight and yet a lot more effective than other rackets on the market; it also has provision for great speed and has an amazing weight balance.

This racket has been certified by ITTF for all classes of competitions including local, regional and international competitions. With a design that is aimed at guaranteeing the best performance, this is a top choice for a racket. The Xiom MUV 8.0P Offensive Plus guarantees that you don’t have to get an extra racket for either practicing or actual competitions since it is suitable for both purposes.

It comes with a spin-rich design that makes for better and more advanced speed, spin and control. This helps to greatly reduce the number of errors and flops that you experience while playing a round of your table tennis game. To make this racket even more offensive, it has a Z power black rubber sheet.

Maintenance simply requires that you change the rubber whenever it wears out.

4. New Butterfly ADDOY P20 Table Tennis Racket Penholder and Ball

The New Butterfly ADDOY P20 comes in a special design that makes it suitable to be used by both beginners and professionals or advanced table tennis players. For starters, the playing surface is made from durable rubber that is guaranteed to last very long and be remain in great condition all through your learning process or playing stages. As a topping, this racket is approved by the ITTF which implies that it can be used for playing in professional competitions.

If you are after a racket that you would learn penhold style with, then this is just perfect. It remains one of the best models on the market for learning the penhold style. In addition, if you re one that loves to win games using spins, then New Butterfly ADDOY P20 Table Tennis Racket guarantees you all the spins you need to win and some more.

It is lightweight and is good enough to supply the grip that you would need to defeat your opponent time and time again. Apart from this, the New Butterfly ADDOY P20 Table Tennis Racket is very affordable and even comes with two tennis balls to get you started. It also has a warranty that covers damages that may occur to it within a limited time period.

5. Boliprince Professional Five Plies Carbon Fiber Table Tennis Racket Chinese Ping Pong Paddle

 Table tennis gives you a unique opportunity to relax that you may not get while playing other sports. This particular racket is designed to further help you relax thanks to its superior quality that reduces the stress you have to go through when playing. The Boliprince racket is a five plies carbon fiber table tennis racket and has a very high-performance rating of eight in spin, eight in control and eight in speed.

For lining the sides of the racket, 2mm of the sponge is used on one side while 2mm of premium rubber is used on the other side. Similarly, the racket has a protective film covering both the front and back sides that protect the rubber from too intense impact. To make up the total package are one wrist band, a carry bag, and two racket edge to go along with the racket.


There is a great deal of impact that the type of penhold paddle you play with has on your game. Also, there is a very thin line between rackets that can provide you with great professionalism and basic playing style. This is why you need to invest time into getting the best penhold paddle available on the market.