How to Clean Playing Cards: Here is everything you need to Know.

Cleaning playing cards sometimes is the hardest task to perform, especially cards with paper surfaces instead of plastic. For this reason, it is only advisable to clean playing cards that are very expensive or those that are of considerable value. Cleaning the cheap ones is not worthwhile.

Cards sometimes are very sticky and hard to handle especially after playing with them. It is therefore advisable to clean the cards before you store them. There are several ways of cleaning playing cards, the most effective ones include:

  • Using Wet Tissues

You can use wet tissue to clean your cards especially if they are not very dirty. For instance, if you are cleaning your cards after not more than two uses then the wet tissues will be of great help. However, you should not apply pressure if this does not work for you, as you may end up destroying the cards or even altering the colors. For you to ensure that your cards last long and are protected, it is prudent to always clean all the dirt, dust and crunches after every single use using the wet tissues.

  • Using Talcum powder and Cornstarch

You can also use some basic household items to clean you cards, for instance, talcum powder is one of the most secure ways to clean your cards. Besides, it will help you remove all the grease and oil from the playing cards. The cornstarch absorbs residue and oil without using water. To clean your playing cards, put all the cards in a paper bag then add several tablespoons of talcum powder or cornstarch then shake well. Wipe each card with a clean paper towel thereafter.

  • White bread

Moreover, you can remove fingerprint stains from your playing cards by just rubbing the cards with a piece of white bread. Besides removing the fingerprints, this method will also add shine to your cards. The bread should be soft and fresh. After repeating the process for more than 5 counts, wipe all the cards with a dry cloth. You should not wipe cheap cards with a water solvent as it may cause warping. You should buy new cards if your cards are already greasy or are stained

  • Mild Soap and Cold Water

The second last method of cleaning playing cards is by using cold water and mild soap. This method is only preferred if you have plastic playing cards. To clean the cards, dampen a clean towel with cold water, add a little shampoo of mild dish soap then rub the towel on the both sides of the playing cards then wipe the cards immediately with a dry cloth. However, you should not clean your favorite poker set with a detergent and you should prevent them from direct sunlight as it may destroy them.

  • Cotton spirits and cotton balls

Last but not least, you can also clean your playing cards using cotton spirits and cotton balls. This method is mostly preferred when you want to revive old cards or when you want to clean a very dirty deck of cards. It will help your old playing cards look very new. Dampen a cotton ball with the spirits of camphor then use it to wipe your deck.


Playing cards is one of the best ways to sharpen your brains. Cards always becomes dirty after every session. This therefore means you have to take a little more care in order to keep them clean. One of the major reasons for keeping your cards clean is to make shuffling easy. That’s why we have given you these awesome tips that you could use to clean your cards, and they have been tested and proven. Go through the article and choose one that is workable for you and is your favorite among them..

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